Alcohol Lately

  1. Amy says:

    Thanks for sharing! I am also a very rare drinker, usually on vacation for the exact reasons you mentioned. I have worked so hard to feel well as I am aging that I have to ask myself what I need and what I really want. Plus I think we are fun on our own so what’s the point?!?

  2. Artlee says:

    The pandemic changed everything and yes alot of people picked up alchol to help get then thru it. It was a difficult time for all of us thank God for those of us who made it.
    I would love the mocktail recipes if your friend ever shares them.
    You have quite the schedule but sometimes busy is good…I love your blog and also the Barrel jeans 🙂 looking forward to seeing more.

  3. Kristi says:

    Thank you for this! I have never been a big drinker either but starting in January I cut it out completely due to poor sleep/perimenopause torture. Now I find if I have a drink, I am choosing not to sleep that night. It is amazing what one drink can do! The HRT is also helping but I notice a big difference if I even have one drink. I am excited to check out the mocktail recipes! I put Poppi Prebiotic soda in a wine glass with ice…that works too!

  4. Elana B. Towers says:

    Really enjoyed this post! I can definitely relate to not drinking at all due to the culture of church. I really didn’t start drinking regularly until my mid-30s. For me, I enjoy cooking and learning about how different flavors complement each other… including how wine pairs well with a dish. But now I’m 42, and realizing that I’m more in tune with my body. I would love to see both daytime and nighttime mocktails you enjoy.

    Thanks again!

  5. Sue says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience . During covid, I found myself drinking daily for a month or two – then decided I had to change my ways for multiple reasons (habits & calories to name a couple). I love a good mocktail–you get the same ritual without the buzz. Here are some tasty recipes if you need a few to try:
    Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Bethany says:

    I couldn’t love this more! I have so many friends who’ve let go of drinking alcohol. After a few years in, I rarely think about it.
    Enjoy your weekend. Your newsletters are always fantastic.

  7. Brandy Adams says:

    Absolutely relate to all of this. So well said.

    I had my first drink at the age 27, but still rarely drank. After marriage…and then children, I drank a bit more and once the pandemic hit, it slowly became a nightly occurrence.

    This year’s church fast got me back on track so that having a glass is the rare occasion.

    Cheers to health and hydration!

  8. Kimberly says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. Cutting way back on alcohol was one of the best (and honestly most challenging) things I’ve ever done for myself. (I’m also on the menopause bus.) I appreciate the way you talk about your own journey without being prescriptive or judging other people’s choices. 🙂

  9. Jessica says:

    Now following Olivia for mock tail inspo on IG! Thanks for the suggestion as I’m looking to cut back on my alcohol intake.

  10. Arlette Klauer says:

    REALLY loving your newsletter. So easy to read and so easy to interest me. I so look forward to them!
    Loved the alcohol journey. For us it was the same when we became Christians. For 12 years we didn’t drink… I started with an occasional, social setting drink. But I can see how alcohol can get a hold of me. My husband drinks a glass of wine or a beer each night. I have no objection, I just am not liking that I’m beginning to “want” one too when he offers. I love the mocktail idea. I am going to start that too.
    I LOVE the “thinking of my future self” ~ VERY thought provoking!
    Thank you!

  11. Sheldon says:

    I’ve taken drinking out for health reasons also, and it’s amazing how it’s a huge help. Alcohol has a ton of sugar and can mess with so many things. Thanks for the encouragement. No shame in drinking in moderation but it’s no shame in not drinking either.

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